Course Categories

Academy courses are grouped into Course Categories (this grouping is purely for convenience, each course can be undertaken individually).

Courses within a category will typically cover the same domain (e.g. Concentration Risk) or focus on a particular skill-set (e.g. development of risk models using python)

A full category list with descriptions / motivation is available below or directly at the Academy

Banking Regulation

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Banking Regulation. This category of Open Risk Academy courses covers general topics around banking regulation, regulatory initiatives and related topics. There is a particular (but not exclusive!) focus on important recent European Union regulatory initiatives. More specific areas are covered in separated categories. EU Financial Regulations Quiz Introduction to the EBA NPL Templates Go to the Open Risk Academy

Credit Concentration Courses

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Credit Concentration Cycle. The Credit Concentration Cycle is a collection of online courses covering diverse aspects of Credit Concentration Risk Management (how to identify, measure and manage credit concentration). The collection includes among others a fast paced (CrashProgram) introduction to the general concept of credit concentration and longer (DeepDive) courses which cover regulatory frameworks around credit concentration and how to measure name, sector and geographic concentration risks in credit portfolios.

Credit Detox Cycle

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The Credit Detox Cycle. The Credit Detox Cycle is an eclectic selection of topics that contains three CrashPrograms (courses of short format) which cover important risk pathologies that may affect credit portfolios: credit correlation credit concentration and credit contagion Get in touch for availability

Data Science

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Data Science. This is the collection of Open Risk Academy data science courses. This category includes courses that cover general data science techniques applicable across a range of risk management disciplines. Techniques that might be more specialized to specific areas of risk management and (financial) risk modelling are covered in other course categories Introduction to Risk Data Review Exploratory Risk Data Analysis using Pandas, Seaborn and Statsmodels An introduction to GeoJSON An introduction to Semantic Data with Python Introduction to the EBA NPL Templates Go to the Open Risk Academy

General Courses

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Collection of General / Demonstration Courses. This category includes various general topics. It includes demos and tools that demonstrate the Academy eLearning platform to new users but also introductions to other Open Risk resources like the Open Risk Manual and our Open Source projects The demos enable users to sample a broader area of courses and trial out new technologies. Users can enroll and start a course at any time. Courses in this category is available to any registered user for free.

IFRS 9 Cycle

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The IFRS 9 Course Cycle. This category covers various aspects of the new international standard for accounting of credit assets on balance sheets. Get in touch for availability

Market Risk

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Market Risk Courses covering various aspects of market risk management. Get in touch for availability


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Credit Portfolio Management using OpenCPM Courses for users of the OpenCPM platform for Credit Portfolio Management . OpenCPM OpenCPM stands for open credit portfolio management. It is a cloud platform developed by Open Risk for the management of credit portfolios. This category contains courses bringing users up to speed with the platform. Introduction to the EBA NPL Templates

Risk Capital

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Risk Capital. A collection of online resources to support meaningful and coherent risk capital calculation frameworks The course material discusses the classic structure of economic capital frameworks, the lessons learned from the financial crisis, the new world of IFRS 9 and Stress Testing and how to integrate these diverse tools into a coherent and forward-looking risk management toolkit Get in touch for availability

Risk Management

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Risk Management. This is a collection of online courses covering general topics around financial literacy and risk management principles and tools. The following courses focus primarily on introductory level topics. More advanced topics are typically covered in specialized categories The Shortest Possible Course on Risk Management Risk Management Questions and Answers Open Risk Crossword Puzzles The Periodic Table of Risk Elements Go to the Open Risk Academy

Risk Modeling using Python

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Risk Modeling using Python. This course category is a collection of online resources to assist different users: Developers involved in the development of risk models using Python Risk managers that use data science tools to support their function The courses utilize open source tools and frameworks, either developed by Open Risk or available via open source licenses. Scripts and other resources needed for the courses are also available in our github repository

Sustainable Finance

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Sustainable Finance. Collection of courses covering diverse aspects of sustainable finance. Get in touch for availability