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Commentaries on external developments in risk management and financial services

IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss and Risk Capital

The new IFRS 9 financial reporting standard IFRS 9 (and the closely related CECL) is a brand new financial reporting standard developed and approved by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Strictly speaking IFRS 9 concerns only the accounting and reporting of financial instruments (e.g. bank loans and similar credit […]

A Risk Agnostic Approach to European Safe Bonds (ESBies) Tranching

What are European Safe Bonds? While the creation of the eurozone was a landmark of the European integration process, the financial crisis highlighted that the eurozone remains an incomplete design which can lead to unpredictable and adverse situations in the event of a (the) next major crisis. One of the […]

Guiding principles for a viable open source operational risk model

Guiding principles for a viable open source operational risk model (OSORM) Such a framework: Must avoid formulaic inclusion of meaningless risk event types (e.g., legal risk created by the firm’s own management decisions) or any risks where the nature and state of current knowledge does not support any meaningful quantification. […]

How to Stress Test Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

How to Stress Test Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction In recent decades we have been collectively spared the haunting images and existential anxiety provoked by the sight of detonating nuclear weapons for testing purposes – not to mention the increased levels of radiation in the atmosphere and other side-effects. This […]

Transparency, standards, collaboration key to regaining trust in financial services

Transparency, collaboration key to regaining trust in financial services In banking, confidence is the first order of business Maintaining the confidence of market participants, clients, shareholders, regulators and governments is uniquely important for the financial sector. Trust is, quite literally, the real currency. Yet it is a truism that confidence […]

We are hiring artificially intelligent bankers

Job Specification for an Artificially Intelligent Banker The Artificially Intelligent Banker is responsible for the overall management of the AI2H (AI to Human) lending department. The following requirements (job specifications) were determined by extensive data mining analysis and derived from the job description as crucial for success in the Artificially […]

Eternal Risk Management One-Liners

Eternal Risk Management One-Liners A single line is sometimes the only thing that separates you from disaster Do you know of any good one-liners that saved the day at one point? (Update May 2017) We moved the list to the Open Risk Manual for easier editing and contributions Send us […]

Top 10 Risk Manual Articles

Top 10 Risk Manual Articles The current list of Top 10 Risk Manual Articles, sorted by reader popularity covers a range of topics in risk management. External Fraud, (Operational Risk) Herfindahl-Hirschman Index, (Concentration Risk) Hannah-Kay Index, (Concentration Risk) Concentration Ratio, (Concentration Risk) Granularity Adjustment, (Concentration Risk) Business Execution, (Operational Risk) […]