Open Risk Academy

The Open Risk Academy is an eLearning platform offering innovative training around Risk Management. The Academy uses interactive, visually engaging material to help you keep on top the ever growing risk management knowledge base.

Transition Matrix Library First Release

Open Risk released version 0.1 of the Transition Matrix Library Motivation State transition phenomena where a system exhibits stochastic (random) migration between well defined discrete states (see picture below for an illustration) are very common in a variety of fields. Depending on the precise specification and modelling assumptions they may […]

Business Model Risk

Business Model Risk: The Forgotten Risk Type Sustainable business models that demonstrate adequate profitability over long horizons are key to a healthy market economy. This applies to firms and organizations of any size and in any sector. But how do we determine what is sustainable and how can we tell […]

Risk Management Skills for the Fintech Era

Risk Management Skills for the Fintech Era Financial services jobs continue being decimated. A recent FT article was a sobering summary of the continuing “transformation” of the financial sector: 2015 alone has seen more than 10% reduction of the total workforce across large EU/US banks: As main drivers for this […]

Open Source Risk Data with MongoDB and Python

Open Source Risk Data with MongoDB and Python Open source software is all the rage those days in IT and the concept is making rapid inroads in all parts of the enterprise. An earlier comprehensive survey by Gartner, Inc. found that by 2011 more than half of organizations surveyed had […]

The periodic table of risk elements

The periodic table of risk elements You know the periodic table of elements, even if you flunked your science courses! It is the large colorful and blocky table that hanged on every school’s classrooms before becoming yet another mobile app. The periodic table is one of the early and iconic […]

Concentrating on Concentration Risk

Concentrating on Concentration Risk Senior economists such as Ben Bernanke were still studying the Great 30’s Depression when the financial crisis struck in full force circa 2007. Given the complexity of the modern economic and financial landscape compared to the blessed good old days – we have no reports of […]

FuriousBanker: The Credit Detox Challenge

FuriousBanker(TM) helps you learn risk management concepts in a fun and engaging way. This educational game series for mobiles and tablets is developed by Open Risk to enable modern interactive elearning for people working (or aspiring to work) in financial risk management. The first episode sees FuriousBanker facing The credit […]

Free online courses on credit concentration (Oct 7th – Oct 13th)

As part of the public beta testing programme, two new Open Risk Academy courses are accessible absolutely free (and with no strings attached :-). The courses are introductions to measuring credit name or sector concentrations in credit portfolios. They cover the following topics: The concept of credit name or sector […]

Limited beta testing now ongoing…

Alpha testing did not reveal any fatal problems with the site. Many thanks to “Odysseus” for painstakingly testing everything! As of this weekend login details were sent to select volunteers with a mission to further test drive Open Risk. This limited beta testing will be ongoing for the duration of […]