GeoSlice Map View for Retail and Recreation Activity

HOVER over the map to see individual values. USE MOUSE / ARROWS to select the time point. CLICK on a country to go to a detailed graph view.

Feb 2020


Time Period

The slider at the top of the map spans the currently available observation period. The earliest reading (to the left) is generally February 15, 2020. The latest observation (to the right) is changing with each data update.

Color Coding

The color coding captures mobility differences of each country versus their own baseline for each particular mobility metric. The baseline (pre-pandemic) value is 0% and is shown as blue. Reductions from baseline (reduced mobility) are red. Occasional increases from baseline (e.g. increased mobility in Parks) is green.

Other EU Mobility Maps (Per Activity)

  1. Retail and Recreation
  2. Grocery and Pharmacy
  3. Parks
  4. Transit Stations
  5. Workplaces
  6. Residential

Further Notes

  • For some countries there are no data or there is missing data
  • We stress again than the mobility measurements are always with respect to each country's own baseline reference and there is no absolute comparison between countries
  • The actual timeseries are quite noisy (click through to see examples) and may have various residual periodicities and spikes (see also the Help page) so additional caution is required when interpreting the fine structure of mobility changes!