This page lists latest datasets tracked and processed by the Mobility Dashboard and as well code / functionality upgrades

Current Mobility Data Statistics

Targeted Mobility Data Sets (Raw Sources) 100000
Integrated Mobility Data Sets (After Data Cleaning) 100000
Active Data Sets (Recently Changed) 100000
Total Number of Countries Covered 100000
Countries with High Level Data 100000
Countries with Regional Data 100000
Countries with Sub-Regional Data 100000
Total Regions 100000
Total Sub-Regions 100000

Functionality Updates

Brief description of most important release features

Dec 10 2020 - 0.4 Release

Release 0.4 expands the sub-country views for many more countries and introduces global mobility indexes built as averages over all data

May 28 2020 - 0.3 Release

Release 0.3 introduces geographic visualizations (currently for European countries only) showing how mobility changes across Europe

May 19 2020 - 0.2 Release

Release 0.2 introduces correlation analyses at the country level for various metrics (worst observed mobility etc)

April 26 2020 - 0.1 Release

Release 0.1 features the basic functionality, incorporating only complete data series and minimal processing or other modelling work.