This page organizes various derived statistics calculated from the mobility data database. For each one of the tracked mobility categories (Retail, Workplace, Residential etc.) the top level country data of all countries are represented next to each other. Data are presented in tabular form (the first cluster), as histograms showing the distributions (second cluster) and as scatterplots exploring relations between observations (third cluster)

Catalog of Statistical Analyses

Category Description
Country Aggregate Statistics in Tabular Form For each country these tables display aggregate mobility values versus baseline (as defined by the documentation). The Max, Min and Average derived values are the corresponding maximum, minimum and average activity values registered in the observation period.
Country Aggregate Statistics in Histogram Form The histograms display the distribution of statistics such Maximum, Minimum etc. mobility changes as observed for different activities and different countries.
Country Aggregate Mobility Correlations Correlations between different activity levels for all countries in the sample

Global Mobility Indexes

Description Explore
Global Mobility Index for Retail and Recreation Mobility
Global Mobility Index for Grocery and Pharmacy Mobility
Global Mobility Index for Parks Mobility
Global Mobility Index for Transit Stations Mobility
Global Mobility Index for Workplaces Mobility
Global Mobility Index for Residential Mobility