Equinox Reference Data

Equinox aims to integrate in the database a number reference databases that facilitate tasks of sustainable portfolio management. In the current focus such reference material concerns the emissions factors for various processes and activities.

Emissions Factors

Sources of emissions factors include:

  • IPCC, Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (2006)
  • IPCC, Emission Factor Database
  • Country-specific emission factors from national inventories, reports, and guidelines
  • Emission factors contained in the GHG Protocol calculation tools and guidance
  • The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting and the related GHG Protocol Guidelines for Quantifying GHG Reductions from Grid-Connected Electricity Projects (if applicable)
  • CDM databases and the CDM Tool to Calculate the Emission Factor for an Electricity System

NOTE: Equinox is still in active development. As the functionality of the platform is enhanced, further sources of open data will be integrated where appropriate.
The IPCC EFDB Database

The IPCC EFDB Database

The IPCC Emissions Factors database (EFDB).

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The overall objective of the IPCC Emissions Factors database (EFDB) is to be an always up-to-date companion for the IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventory that is seen as a worldwide resource for greenhouse gas inventory developers.