Adopted Standards and Further References


The sustainability related standards currently adopted / implemented in Equinox are based principally on the following references:

  • The GHG Protocol for Projects (The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting, 2005)
  • Fong, W. K., M. Sotos, M. Doust, S. Schultz, A. Marques, and C. Deng-Beck (2014). Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories: An Accounting and Reporting Standard for Cities. World Resources Institute. C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group; Local Governments for Sustainability ICLEI. 1, 1–176.
  • PCAF Emissions Accounting and Reporting for Residential Mortgages
  • PCAF Emissions Accounting and Reporting for Project Finance
  • BIS/EBA Standardized Credit Risk assessment of Project Finance
  • Equator Principles for Project Finance
  • EFDB Database
  • TED Database

Open Risk White Papers

  • No 11: Sustainable Portfolio Management: Attribution and Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (OpenRiskWP11_021221)
  • No 10: Connecting the Dots: Concentration, diversity, inequality and sparsity in economic networks (OpenRiskWP10_300621)
  • No 8: Connecting the Dots: Economic Networks as Property Graphs (OpenRiskWP08_131219)

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