About Open Risk

Open Risk is an independent provider of financial risk analysis tools and training with a strong focus on open source, open data, public standards and sustainability understood in all meanings of the word. We bridge the technology gap faced by many businesses and individuals across the world, in the most affordable way:

  • By supporting open source, peer reviewed, methodologies and risk models
  • With the effective use, promotion and production of open data
  • By the adoption and promotion of public risk management and sustainability standards

Our Mission

We truly believe that transparency reduces risk. This is why we champion the open future of risk management.

Sustainable businesses, especially in the financial sector must make optimal use of the quality and trust benefits accruing to openness. That is why we support open source, peer-reviewed methodologies and risk models.

We advocate the effective use and production of open data and the development and adoption of public financial risk management standards.

We help individuals and organizations improve their financial risk management capabilities with affordable online tools.

We support an open collaborative community.

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Supporting the broader risk management community

Risk Managers: Educate your teams using the Open Risk Manual or through the use of powerful eLearning tools at the Open Risk Academy

Portfolio Managers: Identify, quantify and manage sustainable portfolios using our powerful Sustainable Portfolio Management Platform: Equinox.

A sample of our projects

Open Risk Academy

The Open Risk Academy is an eLearning platform offering innovative training on diverse Risk Management topics. The training platform is highly flexible to suit individual needs. The Academy utilizes seamlessly the computational tools we develop (such as OpenCPM).

Open Risk Manual

An integral part of the Open Risk Academy is the Open Risk Manual. A publicly accessible repository of information (wiki) for risk management developed and maintained by Open Risk and contributors and released under a Creative Commons license. Complementary to the Open Risk Manual is the Open Risk Data database, a structured knowledge base dedicated to Risk Data.


Equinox is a thoroughly modern online platform that is fit for a sustainable fintech era. Built from the ground up to bring the benefits of open source, open data and machine learning to the challenge of managing sustainable portfolios. The platform integrates geospatial information with applicable regulatory and industry standards from the GHG Protocol, the EBA, PCAF, PACTA, the Equator Principles and more to provide a holistic view of the footprint of both individual projects and portfolios of investments or other financial contracts such as procurement

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  • The Open Risk White Papers collection discusses more technical topics around risk management methodologies
  • The Open Risk Blog dives into specific projects, use cases and / or company news and commentary

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