An Innovative Platform for Credit Portfolio Management

The OpenCPM platform allows you to manage credit portfolios using the best modern technology:

  • Use public or private cloud instances for maximum flexibility
  • Bring together Open Data, your own Portfolio Data and powerful Risk Algorithms
  • Derive new insights using cutting edge visualizations

Developed with a Compliance First Mindset

A compliant risk architecture has never been more important in the financial services industry. OpenCPM brings you right out of the box:

  • Transparently documented Linked Models
  • Provenance and tracking of Risk Data
  • Full Audit of Calculations

Highly modular and expandable to serve your needs for the foresable future

A Flexible and modular architecture based on the groundbreaking Open Risk API:

  • Connect databases and model servers to meet evolving portfolio management challenges in a
    scalable and future proof way
  • Integrate your existing systems and tools through well defined semantic API’s

Built on Open Source Libraries

Leverage the enormous power of the open source movement:

  • Benefit from our growing collection of Open Source Risk Models
  • Extend OpenCPM with third-party Open Source libraries

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