AMA Risk Model

Save the AMA whale ΝΒ: This is not a post about real whales and the ongoing struggle to keep these magnificent mammals alive for future generations to marvel at. Hopefully the individuals who have risked their lives to bring the near extinction of many whale species to worldwide attention will […]

Risk capital for non-performing loans

Risk Capital for Non-Performing Loans

Risk Capital for Non-Performing Loans Currently many countries are drowning in bad credits This visualization from the World Bank shows the current distribution of non-performing loans (NPL’s in short) around the world, as fraction of the total outstanding loans: Translated in absolute numbers (according to IMF data) the European NPL […]

Google Summer of Code Ideas List Page

Google Summer of Code Ideas List Page Over the course of the years we have seen many an open source project that we love and use daily participate as mentoring organizations in Google’s great communal activity. This year OpenRisk applied to join the effort to promote open source, in particular […]

Risk Management Internship on the Cusp of a New Financial Era

Risk Management Internship In finance, it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times It is a special moment to start a career in financial services. We are walking amid the ruins of the previous financial order. Fallen banks, broken markets, negative interest rates, shell-shocked economies and discredited theoretical […]

Top 10 Reasons why Silicon Valley cannot disrupt Wall Street (yet)

Top 10 Reasons why Silicon Valley cannot disrupt Wall Street (yet) This is the 2016 update on our independent critical examination of the running meme of “fintech disruption” in the financial services space. The “Top Ten list of why Silicon Valley cannot Disrupt Wall Street (yet)” was published first here […]

From Big Data, to Linked Data and Linked Models

From Big Data, to Linked Data and Linked Models The big data problem: “As certainly as the sun will set today, the big data explosion will lead to a big clean-up mess” How do we know? We only have to study the still smouldering last chapter of banking industry history. […]

Correlation Radar added to the Dashboard

Correlation Radar added to the Dashboard About the Correlation Radar: The EU Risk Dashboard is a web app developed by OpenRisk to assist with the exploration and understanding of the large number of economic indicators published by the ECB in its Statistical Data Warehouse. The app data are derived from […]

FX Lending Risk

FX Lending Risk A stress testing methodology for analyzing FX lending risk. Extends standard credit risk modelling tools to capture the increased risks of FX lending in a consistent way Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction Warren Buffet famously declared financial derivatives as weapons of mass destruction (although apparently this did […]

Risk Forum now operational! (Update)

Update Jan 2016: We have moved the risk forum to a new framework to improve the usability of the website. Please let us know of any issues One of the many good suggestions during early beta testing of the OpenRisk website was to create a forum for risk management professionals […]

Business Model Risk

Business Model Risk: The Forgotten Risk Type Sustainable business models that demonstrate adequate profitability over long horizons are key to a healthy market economy. This applies to firms and organizations of any size and in any sector. But how do we determine what is sustainable and how can we tell […]

Wishes for an Open and Linked 2016

From OpenRisk, to all our friends, colleagues, collaborators, users, partners and the general public: May the network be with you in 2016!

Risk Management Skills for the Fintech Era

Risk Management Skills for the Fintech Era Financial services jobs continue being decimated. A recent FT article was a sobering summary of the continuing “transformation” of the financial sector: 2015 alone has seen more than 10% reduction of the total workforce across large EU/US banks: As main drivers for this […]

Listening to the sound of the economy

Listening to the sound of the economy How do we make sense of the torrent of economic datasets becoming available? One obvious answer is via visualization. This domain is experiencing a veritable renaissance and you ain’t seen nothing yet (no pun). Here we want to do instead an initial, and […]

Seven Heavens of Finance and the Open Risk API

Seven Heavens of Finance and the Open Risk API Back-to-basics is not salvation It has become trendy since the financial crisis to be wearing an “anti-complexity” hat in matters concerning the shape of the financial system. This is an understandable reaction to the entangled constructions that had sprung to existence […]

Open Risk is proud to be funded by the EU FIWARE FINODEX accelerator

Open Risk is proud to be funded by the FIWARE FINODEX accelerator! Finodex, the European accelerator for ICT projects based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies, has already chosen over one hundred projects via two open calls for proposal. This week the results of the second call evaluation closed in […]

Unbundling the Banks: A How To Guide

Unbundling the Banks: A How To Guide Talk of unbundling the banks is all the rage these days (if we believe the fintech startups). Yet upon closer inspection one gets the feeling that these optimistic people might not necessarily know exactly what they are trying to unbundle, the true complexity […]

Open Source Risk Data with MongoDB and Python

Open Source Risk Data with MongoDB and Python Open source software is all the rage those days in IT and the concept is making rapid inroads in all parts of the enterprise. An earlier comprehensive survey by Gartner, Inc. found that by 2011 more than half of organizations surveyed had […]

Open Risk API

Open Risk API If you work in financial risk management you will most likely recognize where the following sentence is coming from: “One of the most significant lessons learned from the global financial crisis that began in 2007 was that banks information technology (IT) and data architectures were inadequate to […]

Resources for Concentration Risk

Concentration Risk Management is a staple of risk management. OpenRisk developed a unique and novel set of risk management resources to assist with building in-house knowledge for managing credit concentration risks. Resources range from courses and online manuals to open source calculators and mobile eLearning games. In this post we […]