Open Risk Academy

The Open Risk Academy is an eLearning platform offering innovative training on diverse Risk Management topics. The training platform is highly flexible to suit individual needs. The Academy uses interactive, visually engaging learning as the best way to tackle the challenges and complexities of modern risk management. This uniquely designed training platform will empower you to reach truly new levels of performance!

About the Open Risk Academy

Open Risk Academy

The Academy training programs have the following high-level attributes:

  • from self-paced crash courses that accommodate your busy schedule to organized longer courses that give you the benefit of learning together with your peers
  • targeting different levels of expertise (from introductory, to core and advanced levels)
  • with different pre-requisites (e.g., non-technical courses that do not require advanced mathematics)

The Academy utilizes seamlessly the computational tools we develop (such as equinox, openNPL and the various open source libraries and tools).

Advantages of our online courses

  • Keep your risk management knowledge current in a fast changing business and regulatory environment
  • Get inspired, empowered and future-proofed by using and learning using the next generation Web and Cloud technologies
  • You do not need to travel! You can take the courses from your home or workplace; there is no need to travel for a face-to-face training event, thus saving cost and time
  • You can attend class at any time - there is no set meeting time, so you can engage in learning activities at a time of the day that is convenient for you
  • Last but not least: Best-practice eLearning is just the starting point, the Academy benefits from the deep integration of our online resources (Manual, Data) and our open source quantitative tools.

Current Offering

Interested? Simply go to Open Risk Academy and get started (free registration required)