Welcome to the Open Risk universe!

About Open Risk

Open Risk is an independent provider of financial risk analysis tools and training. Our focus is on open source, open data, public standards and sustainability understood in all meanings of the word. We are based in Amsterdam and work mostly online.

Our Vision: The Open Future of Risk Management

We believe that transparency helps reduce risks. The operating model of open source communities is uniquely suited for serving as the blueprint for building next generation of risk models and risk management tools. Our top ten list for why this is so!

This firm belief is why since our establishment we championed an Open Future for Risk Management. Sustainable businesses, especially in the financial sector can do worse than embrace the quality and trust that accrues to openness and transparency.

Our Mission: Empower with Openness

Our mission is to help materialize the vision of improved, next-generation risk management with concrete initiatives and projects. Fundamentally we aim to bridge information technology gaps faced by many businesses and individuals across the world, in the most affordable way, by supporting open source, peer reviewable methodologies and risk models. We accomplish that with the effective use, promotion and production of open source and open data and the adoption of public risk management and sustainability standards.

Our Approach

How do we approach this challenge more specifically? We help individuals and organizations improve their financial risk management capabilities with affordable online tools using the latest open source tools and patterns:

  • Individuals and teams in diverse sectors can consult the Open Risk Manual, our extensive open source reference knowledge base.
  • Team leaders in diverse sectors can educate their teams using powerful eLearning tools at the Open Risk Academy.
  • Developers, quantitative analysts and other technical experts can benefit (and contribute1) to building open source, peer-reviewable methodologies and risk models contributing to the growing constellation of open source data science.
  • Portfolio Managers building on Sustainable Finance principles can identify, quantify and manage sustainable portfolios using our powerful Sustainable Portfolio Management Platform: Equinox.
  • Portfolio Credit Management based on standards and open source tools is greatly facilitating with the OpenNPL platform.
  • We support an open collaborative community where people are invited to join the discourse.

The Fintech Puzzle is still unsolved

We strive for a people-focused and modular approach where learning activities and actual use are meshed organically.

Welcome to the Open Risk universe!

Interested to Learn More?

Interested to find more about Open Risk and its projects? Does our mission resonate with you are you interest in contributing to any of our projects? Take a look at our white papers and presentations, blog posts and project catalog below and please get in touch to discuss possible collaboration!