Open Risk Community

Open Risk as part of its mission actively supports the formation of a Community building and adopting free and open risk management tools. The aim is to benefit and enhance financial risk management across the board.

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The Community is built on around a few core efforts covering different community needs:

The Open Risk Manual

An expert documentation database developed in the same collaborative manner as Wikipedia, but with the quality assurance offered by more structured expert review. The Manual aims to collect and support the development of the knowledge base of the risk management community.

  • Articles are created, edited, updated by registered contributors under the Creative Commons License
  • OpenRisk promotes no-nonsense, informed, transparent contributions and retains a moderator role

Regulatory News App

The RegNews App aggregates regulatory RSS (news) feeds in one simple page that is mobile friendly.

How can the Commons help you and your organization today:

  • Motivate, keep up to date and grow yourself and your people by participating in a global best practice community
  • Benefit from free access to the valuable resources produced by the community
  • Improve the profile of yourself and your organization by showing off your skills

Are you interested to join the Community? From seasoned risk professionals to geeky developers, there is bound to be an area you can contribute. Get in touch!