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Google Summer of Code Ideas List Page


Over the course of the years we have seen many an open source project that we love and use daily participate as mentoring organizations in Google’s great communal activity. This year Open Risk applied to join the effort to promote open source, in particular as it applies in the less visited area of financial risk management.

The following is a list of ideas for projects where students can participate (subject to us getting approved as mentoring organization!). If you would like to discuss, have questions or suggestions, send us quick feedback using the feedback button on the left.

Further developing the Open Risk API

  • Objective: extend the Open Risk API to incorporate rich analytics frameworks such as scipy, scikit-learn and tensorflow
  • Required skills: python, flask, API development using Linked Data / Hypermedia (JSON-LD)

Develop and deliver credit risk analytics using tensorflow and FIWARE

  • Objective:develop credit risk analytics using tensorflow and deliver using the FIWARE open cloud stack
  • Required skills: python, C++, machine learning algorithms

Develop API interfaces to financial inclusion payments / banking engines

  • Objective:develop API’s and clients for interfacing with financial data repositories used by organizations active in financial inclusion (microfinance, payment networks)
  • Required skills: python, django, flask, API development (JSON, Swagger/OpenAPI)