An introduction to Semantic Data with Python

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Python is the swiss knife of modern programming languages and a prime candidate to be also the swiss knife for risk modelling


This course is a CrashProgram (short course) in the use of Python to work with Semantic Data (RDF / OWL)


The course is at a medium technical level. It requires some familiarity with python (and a working installation). On the semantic data side it requires knowledge of basic concepts around files and representation formats for data.


Step by step we build a high-level knowledge base around using python to work with a variety of semantic data:

  • We learn to work with rdflib
  • We explore the owlready package
  • We look into json-ld serialization
  • We try data validation using pySHACL
  • We use throughout a realistic data set

Course Level and Type

Introductory Level Core Level Advanced Level
Technical PYT26060

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