Its all about balance these days!


In our personal lives, it is the balance between work and life, or the dreadful weight balance. In the professional sphere it might be the balance between debt and equity in the financial industry, or the balance between convenience and citizen privacy in the new tech industry, or the welfare of the many balanced against the property of the few, or finally the geopolitical balance of power of different peoples Balance ensures sustainability as it helps steer away from the risks that lurk at the extremes. It is actually hard to find scenarios in which a balanced approach would not be the optimal way to complete any meaningful journey. Maybe in a world with full visibility and zero risk.

Back in the real world, how do we achieve this middle of the road nirvana? How do we detect drift from balance and how do we restore? Well, giants before us told us how and we simply need to stand on their shoulders. They invented the regulator. The regulator (depicted) is a small, efficient and super-smart device which creates a natural feedback loop. Using only imperceptible amounts of energy, if the engine goes too fast the regulator spins even faster and strategically chokes the fuel supply which slows the engine down, upon which the regulator calms down as well - and the journey goes on. Without the regulator our steam engine blows and we need to mop up the pieces in the aftermath (assuming we survived).

From Open Risk, to all colleagues and friends, wishes to find in 2015 (or maintain alive if you already have it!) your inner regulator - in whatever journey you are pursuing

P.S. For our early adopters, as holiday season present, an updated release of the RegNews web app to help you keep up with your external regulator!