If programming languages were human languages which one would be which?

If programming languages were human languages which one would be which?

#python -> English. Simple and easy. Spoken everywhere, from lowly scripts, to web servers to #datascience. You’re never stranded if you know it

#rlang -> German. Rigorous. Capable. Sometimes a bit convoluted. Not spoken much outside the Germanic world

#java -> Latin. Was lingua franca but recently losing lustre. Well structured. Solid but awkwardly verbose

#kotlin -> Italian. Java reincarnation. Claims to be all the good pieces of Latin with none of the verbiage

#C++ -> French. Elaborate. Fully fledged. Always underestimated. Many words of English are actually French. Now tries to reinvent itself once again to remain relevant

#javascript -> Chinese. Spoken by large numbers but until recently confined to the browser. Increasingly seen outside it’s former borders

#golang -> Spanish. Preferred language of a rapidly growing empire. Challenges old world boundaries

#php -> Indian. Completely dominating the web world but some argue it is a colorful collage rather than a single lingo

#haskell -> Japanese. Pure Zen

#fortran -> Greek. Ancient roots. Provided words to many of the above. Today rather niche. Still the best way to express mathematical tasks

The two below are additions to the list from our network:

#list -> Lisp. Besides profound and mysterious, unlike most other languages lisp makes no distinction between expressions and statements. Reminds of the conflation between a/the articles in Russian

#Matlab -> Dutch, not a popular language like English. But if you can speak it makes you feel so proud

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