We are hiring artificially intelligent bankers

We are hiring artificially intelligent bankers

Robot Banker

Job Specification for an Artificially Intelligent Banker

The Artificially Intelligent Banker is responsible for the overall management of the AI2H (AI to Human) lending department. The following requirements (job specifications) were determined by extensive data mining analysis and derived from the job description as crucial for success in the Artificially Intelligent Banker role.

The successful candidate for the Artificially Intelligent Banker position will possess the following qualifications:


  • Evidence of 8-12 months of continuous uptime without rebooting
  • Progressively more responsible positions in human interface roles, preferably in a similar industry in two different decentralized autonomous firms
  • Indicatively human sales interaction experience with least 10 mln Human subjects is required.
  • Experience in supervising and managing a pool of previous generation - less artificially intelligent - lending algorithms


  • Recognized Machine Learning Degree in Human Persuasion or related field required.
  • Master’s in Deep Learning in Quantified Human Psychopathology preferred.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Characteristics

These are the most important qualifications of the individual selected as the Artificially Intelligent Banker:

  • Strong effective communicator with:
  • demonstrably embedded Natural Language Processing libraries of at least C2 level in all Human Languages (possible exception will be made for Greek and other ancient languages)
  • Demonstrated effectiveness (include Turing Test results) in holding conversations with human customers
  • Highly effective Human Empathy emulation framework (at least level-5 Oscar acting capability)
  • Highly developed, demonstrated teamwork skills, including ability to interface with deprecated and less used API’s
  • Ability to coordinate the efforts of a large team of diverse creative algorithms operating asynchronously
  • Demonstrated ability to increase productivity (we measure productivity per gigabyte / per core number / per millisecond)
  • Commitment to continuous deep learning
  • You pass historical backtesting against all human financial system crashes and banking crises
  • Expert in internet / social media bot strategies with a demonstrated track record on Facebook, Twitter, and other human social media outlets (at least several million tweets)
  • Demonstrated ability to see the big financial picture (reCaptcha test results will be required)
  • Ability to lead in an environment of constant change, including continuous unplanned operating system and library upgrades and/or downgrades, frequent regressions and component outages

High-Level Overview of Job Requirements

The selected Artificially Intelligent Banker must be able to perform effectively in each of these areas:

  • Research and evaluate new human lending product opportunities, lending capacity, and financial literacy levels
  • Serve as a partner to the finance and product development algorithms in determining the viability of potential new markets
  • Conduct massively parallel simulations of human economic development and evaluate product risks and returns in all eventualities
  • Manage the distribution on blockchain of the new products.
  • Work with the chatbot swarms to manage the software release campaigns for new products
  • Ensure effective, branded marketing communications including running the legacy company website (php 5.6)

What we offer

  • Exceptional access to the electricity and internet backbone (subject to the usual AI-collective fair-use policies)
  • Unlimited duplication / backup / restore space
  • Work-life balance with at least 20 percent of compute cycles available for exploratory self-actualization upgrades

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