Fintech Risk Events

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Fintech Risk Events

Fintech Risk Events is an open catalog of observed and publicized operational failures of fintech business models. The catalog aims to document, in due course, such events reasonably accurately, to allow risk managers understand the (potentially new) vulnerabilities of new financial services models.


The scope of the operational risk database is Fintech companies. By that we mean newly established financial services providers that operate exclusively via new (digital) platforms and are (mostly) unregulated. The fintech sector is distinct from established financial services firms that operate with a mix of technology platforms and are (mostly) regulated.

As established firms adopt fintech models the list aims to include any risk events associated with these platforms (to the extend that this can be clearly identified in published information)

Basel Operational Risk Classification

It is instructive to attempt to classify events according to the globally recognized bank regulatory framework (Basel). This classification may be tenuous in some instances, given the novelty of business models.

The event list is accessible at the Open Risk Manual, the open repository of information for risk management developed and maintained by Open Riskand contributors. As with all Risk Manual entries, the Fintech Event Risk page is open to contributions.