Top 10 Risk Manual Articles


Top 10 Risk Manual Articles:

The current list of Top 10 Risk Manual Articles, sorted by reader popularity covers a range of topics in risk management.

  1. External Fraud, (Operational Risk)
  2. Herfindahl-Hirschman Index, (Concentration Risk)
  3. Hannah-Kay Index, (Concentration Risk)
  4. Concentration Ratio, (Concentration Risk)
  5. Granularity Adjustment, (Concentration Risk)
  6. Business Execution, (Operational Risk)
  7. Internal Fraud, (Operational Risk)
  8. Employment Practices, (Operational Risk)
  9. Physical Damage, (Operational Risk)
  10. Basel II Advanced IRB Capital Model, (Basel II RWA)

The Top 10 is dominated by the Concentration Risk category and the Operational Risk definitions, while the old staple, the Basel II formula for RWA calculations squeezes-in in the tenth place.