Version 0.4 of the Concentration Library adds geographic / industrial concentration functionality

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Release of version 0.4 of the Concentration Library adds Geographic / Industrial concentration indexes

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Further building out the OpenCPM set of tools, we release version 0.4 of the Concentration Library, a python library for the computation of various concentration, diversification and inequality indices.

The below list provides documentation URL’s for each one of the implemented classic indexes (the Hoover index is a new addition in this release)

  1. Atkinson Index
  2. Hoover Index
  3. Concentration Ratio
  4. Berger-Parker Index
  5. Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
  6. Hannah-Kay Index
  7. Gini Index
  8. Theil Index
  9. Shannon Index
  10. Generalized Entropy Index
  11. Kolm Index

An important new direction that appears first in this release is the introduction of indexes that measure geographical and industrial concentration. This first example in this category is the Ellison-Glaeser index, introduced in the field of spatial economics.

The image illustrates the use of the library to calculate the Ellison-Glaeser index of industrial concentration.