Awesome Sustainable Finance

A curated list of sustainable finance resources

An Awesome List for Sustainable Finance.

Awesome Sustainable Finance is a curated list of sustainable finance resources. The focus of the list is on code (tools, libraries, frameworks etc.) that fairly directly support any type of sustainable finance effort but also open data that are useful in a sustainable finance context.

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How to Contribute

The list is maintained on github so the easiest way to contribute is to open a Pull Request in our repository.

If you want to nominate a project or resource to include but do not have a GitHub account you can also point to relevant resources either:


  • The inclusion and classification of projects in different categories is not meant to be rigorous. Projects provide sometimes both code and data and may have wider or overlapping sustainability objectives.
  • The preference is to link directly to openly accessible and self-contained repositories (not accounts or web-pages) but if there are special circumstances will accommodate.
  • The list does not include powerpoints or pdf’s.
  • Projects in alpha phase are welcome but not if they are still simply placeholders.

Table of Contents

As the list grows we may introduce more / different sub-categories. The current

Open Source Frameworks

Climate Finance

Frameworks that are directly assisting the analysis of financial operations (transactions, portfolios of contracts) from a climate finance perspective

  • PACTA - Run the PACTA analysis on EQ & CB portfolios
  • r2dii.analysis - Tools to Calculate Climate Targets for Financial Portfolios
  • SBTi Temperature Alignment tool - This toolkit helps companies and financial institutions to assess the temperature alignment of current targets, commitments, and investment and lending portfolios, and to use this information to develop targets for official validation by the SBTi
  • Equinox - Equinox is an open source platform that supports the holistic risk management of sustainable finance projects
  • OS-Climate - Open Source Solutions to Enable Climate-Smart Investing
  • blockchain-carbon-accounting - This project implements blockchain applications for climate action and accounting, including emissions calculations, carbon trading, and validation of climate claims. It is part of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting SIG

Carbon Footprint

Frameworks that are indirectly supporting climate finance through input-output analysis of economic systems

  • pymrio - Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis in Python
  • pyLCAIO - A Python class to hybridize lifecycle assessment (LCA) and environmentally extended input-output (EEIO) databases
  • Scafandre - Energy consumption metrology agent
  • Cloud Carbon Footprint - Cloud Carbon Footprint is a tool to estimate energy use (kilowatt-hours) and carbon emissions (metric tons CO2e) from public cloud usage

Circular Economy

Frameworks that indirectly support sustainable finance by helping track material flows.

  • pycirk - A python package to model Circular Economy policy and technological interventions in Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis starting from SUTs
  • ODYM - Open Dynamic Material Systems Model
  • brightway-lca - Brightway2 is a framework for advanced life cycle assessment calculations.

Integrated Assessment Models

Integrated economic models (for macro scenarios)

  • mimi - Mimi is a Julia package that provides a component model for integrated assessment models
  • MessageIX - MESSAGEix is a versatile, dynamic, model framework for energy-engineering-economy-environment (E4) systems research.
  • premise - PRospective EnvironMental Impact AsSEssment. Coupling the ecoinvent database with projections from Integrated Assessment Models (IAM)
  • DICE - Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy Model of the Economics of Global Warming
  • python-DICE - Python 3.6 implementation of Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy (DICE)
  • WITCH - World Induced Technical Change Hybrid model
  • pyam - Analysis & visualization of integrated-assessment and macro-energy scenarios
  • nomenclature - Working with IAMC-format project definitions
  • IAMC Tools - A collection of R tools for data analysis and diagnostics.

Social Finance

Frameworks and tools that support the social pillar of ESG, e.g. through financial inclusion

  • Fineract - Apache Fineract: A Platform for Microfinance

Open Data


  • EDGAR - Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research
  • European Environment Agency - EU Member States’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emission projections
  • GHG Data - Greenhouse gas emissions data packaged for easy exploration and charting
  • EFDB - IPCC Emission Factor Database (offline versions for MS,Apple,Linux)


  • GEM - GEM Wiki, the shared resource on all things energy: fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, environmental impacts, and the global movement to transition to a clean energy system
  • electricityMap - A real-time visualisation of the CO2 emissions of electricity consumption


Other awesome lists / resources that are more indirectly relevant for sustainable finance

  • Open Sustainable Technology - A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, and natural resources
  • Industrial Ecology Dashboard - A collection of open source projects relevant for industrial ecology practitioners, hosted on GitHub and beyond
  • Climate Modeling - Python package for process-oriented climate modeling
  • NTNU Course - NTNU Integrated Assessment Modelling Course (2022)
  • climate econometrics - This is a repository for a practical guide to climate econometrics available at
  • Open Climate - Independent Climate Accounting Network in support of Paris Agreement goals