Equinox 0.4 release focuses on green public procurement functionality

On Earth Day 2022 we are happy to release a significant update of Equinox, the open source platform supporting sustainable portfolio management

Equinox 0.4 Release

Equinox Logo

Equinox is an open source platform that supports holistic risk management and reporting in the context of Sustainable Portfolio Management. The platform integrates geospatial information with applicable regulatory and industry standards, for example the GHG Protocol (accounting for Project based, Corporate and City-Wide greenhouse gas emissions), the IPCC Emissions Factor database and further reference data, the PCAF attribution methodologies (and more) to provide a holistic view of the footprint of both individual projects and portfolios.

For the first anniversary of the initial release the equinox platform is being enhanced to support sustainable (green) practices of procurement portfolios. As a core use case, European Union TED procurement data are mapped into the equinox portfolio management data models and stored in the database. This mapping links procurement management tasks to portfolio management oriented workflows.

In combination with Eurostat Environmentally Enhanced Input-Output data one can attribute (where applicable and feasible) GHG emissions to procurement contracts. Starting with this basic attribution, procurement managers can then perform a range of ex-post and ex-ante analyses to understand the environmental footprint of procurement and better allocate economic resources.

The platform provides geospatial functionality to allow more intuitive geographical oriented workflows. To this effect it imports geometries from open geodata. Equinox is built using the popular Python language which allows easy integration of machine learning and related statistical algorithms.

As a reminder Equinox is still in alpha development phase but it is being actively developed following an open source model. The following links provide additional information for anybody interested in the platform: