Four individuals that can look straight into your eyes

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Here are four individuals that can look straight into your eyes

  • Torvalds developed the #linux operating system, the software engine now powering anything from the tiniest #raspberrypi to the scariest supercomputer. Humanity’s best guarantee that the digital era remains an equal playing field

  • Mullenweg developed the #wordpress blogging platform. Gave voice and content ownership to millions of digital authors making him the closest to the Gutenberg of our era

  • Dougiamas developed #moodle, the world’s digital Academy. Capturing millenia of teacher’s experience into one powerful #elearning system makes him an educational innovator on a par with the Greek masters of antiquity

  • Wales developed #wikipedia. It is not only the world’s digital encyclopedia and top 5 website. It is the most blinding evidence that tech enabled mass collaboration will change the human condition

They are all different characters from different walks of life.

Yet they are united by the power of the #opensource software movement.

These people don’t make it into the “billionaire lists”

Yet they represent the true disruptors of our time