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Open Source Securitisation

Open Source Securitisation Motivation After the Great Financial Crisis securitisation has become the poster child of a financial product exhibiting complexity and opaqueness. The issues and lessons learned post-crisis were many, involving all aspects of the securitisation process, from the nature and quality of the underlying assets, the incentives of […]

Version 0.2 of the Open Risk API incorporates the standardized EBA portfolio data templates

Extending the Open Risk API to include the EBA Portfolio Data Templates The Open Risk API provides a mechanism to integrate arbitrary collections of risk data and risk modelling resources in the context of assessing and managing financial risk. It is based on two key technologies of the modern Web, […]

Transparency, standards, collaboration key to regaining trust in financial services

Transparency, collaboration key to regaining trust in financial services In banking, confidence is the first order of business Maintaining the confidence of market participants, clients, shareholders, regulators and governments is uniquely important for the financial sector. Trust is, quite literally, the real currency. Yet it is a truism that confidence […]