FuriousBanker: The Credit Detox Challenge

FuriousBanker(TM) helps you learn risk management concepts in a fun and engaging way. This educational game series for mobiles and tablets is developed by Open Risk to enable modern interactive elearning for people working (or aspiring to work) in financial risk management. The first episode sees FuriousBanker facing The credit […]

EU Risk Dashboard Released

EU Risk Dashboard Released About the app: The EU Risk Dashboard is a web app developed by Open Risk to assist with the exploration and understanding of the large number of economic indicators published by the ECB in its Statistical Data Warehouse. The app data are derived from the timeseries […]

Top Ten Reasons Why Open Source is the Future of Risk Modeling

Financial Risk Modelling has suffered enormous setbacks in recent years, with all major strands of modelling (market, credit, operational risk) proven to have debilitating limitations. It is impossible to imagine a modern financial system that does not make extensive use of risk quantification tools, yet rebuilding confidence that these tools […]

Credit Detox Series: Step 1, Credit Correlation

We are happy to publish the first installment of a trilogy that focuses on the risk factors that can turn any credit portfolio toxic. The first topic is default correlation, a topic that is both core to understanding credit risk and much misunderstood. Enjoy!

ECB Stress Test Result Explorer Released

The Stress Test Explorer is a web app developed by OpenRisk to assist with the exploration and understanding of the large number of results published by the European regulatory authorities (ECB/EBA) in connection with the 2014 Comprehensive Assessment exercise. The app is now live and freely accessible here. Please note: […]

New App Release: RegNews, the Regulatory News Aggregator

RegNews, the Regulatory News Aggregator With all the activity around financial regulation having a convenient aggregation of the main news feeds is an indispensable tool for risk managers. This led us to build and roll out of the Regulatory News App (RegNews in short), which is now live and freely […]

Free online courses on credit concentration (Oct 7th – Oct 13th)

As part of the public beta testing programme, two new Open Risk Academy courses are accessible absolutely free (and with no strings attached :-). The courses are introductions to measuring credit name or sector concentrations in credit portfolios. They cover the following topics: The concept of credit name or sector […]

Open Risk Overview

Open Risk Presentation summarizing the Public Beta Phase Overview of the motivation for initiating Open Risk and the solutions being delivered in the current phase. Venue: Online Location: The world Time: September 18th 2014 Link to presentation: OpenRisk Overview

Benchmarking and the future use of internal capital models

The rationale for continuing with internal capital models in the Basel 3 world Overview of the challenges and opportunities offered by internal capital models (economic capital models) in the post-crisis era. Conference Presentation given at: Venue: 2nd Annual Capital Modelling under Basel III (Marcus Evans Conference) Location: London Time: January […]

September 15: Rolling into Public Beta

Can’t turn around, we have come this far by faith… OpenRisk is now open for public beta testing. We’ll keep the site in public beta stage for as long as needed to smooth out the rough edges. We got the first “like” on linkedin, the lucky first liker earned a […]

Academy Demo Course

A crashcourse (short course) introducing the Open Risk Academy for first time users is now available here.

New Python Module Released

A python module of analytic solutions suitable for testing credit portfolio models has been uploaded in the Open Risk github repository

Limited beta testing now ongoing…

Alpha testing did not reveal any fatal problems with the site. Many thanks to “Odysseus” for painstakingly testing everything! As of this weekend login details were sent to select volunteers with a mission to further test drive Open Risk. This limited beta testing will be ongoing for the duration of […]

Feeback survey now active

Direct feedback of your experience with the website is much appreciated, but we thought also of simplifying and streamlining the a process based on an online survey. It is available here (Now Closed) and it will be open in this form until the end of beta testing Thanks for participating! […]

ECB AQR Programme Documentation

Open Risk developed an online accessible version of the AQR manual that offers additional means to access and browse the Phase 2 ECB AQR Manual.

Pilot Course on Name Concentration

Just added a new course at the Open Risk Academy! The course covers name concentration risk measurement, chiefly the construction of suitable metrics based on portfolio data (Free registration is required for this course)