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Commentaries on external developments in risk management and financial services

Top 10 Reasons why Silicon Valley cannot disrupt Wall Street (yet)

Top 10 Reasons why Silicon Valley cannot disrupt Wall Street (yet) This is the 2016 update on our independent critical examination of the running meme of “fintech disruption” in the financial services space. The “Top Ten list of why Silicon Valley cannot Disrupt Wall Street (yet)” was published first here […]

Securitisation versus Banking – the Shootout

Securitisation versus Banking The ever elusive CMU dream There is(/was) renewed interest in EU-land over deepening a “capital markets union”, aka “CMU”. It is among the initiatives being pursued by the Commission in order to help accelerate growth in the European Union. The initiative encompasses many elements, both around equity […]

Open Risk Commentary on Simple Securitisations

Criteria for identifying simple, transparent and comparable securitisations (BIS D304) Our view is that securitisation is fundamental financial technology and there is no intrinsic technical reason why it could not be harnessed to best serve the functioning of modern economies. We believe, though, that a comprehensive overhaul of historical securitisation […]

Top Ten Reasons Why Open Source is the Future of Risk Modeling

Financial Risk Modelling has suffered enormous setbacks in recent years, with all major strands of modelling (market, credit, operational risk) proven to have debilitating limitations. It is impossible to imagine a modern financial system that does not make extensive use of risk quantification tools, yet rebuilding confidence that these tools […]