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Visualization of large scale economic data sets

Visualization of large scale economic data sets Economic data are increasingly being aggregated and disseminated by Statistics Agencies and Central Banks using modern API’s (application programming interfaces) which enable unprecedented accessibility to wider audiences. In turn the availability of relevant information enables more informed decision making by a variety of […]

OpenCPM NPL Database

First Release: OpenCPM NPL Database Further building out the OpenCPM set of tools, we took the Eupean Banking Authority’s recommended Non-Performning Loan templates and created an #opensource production grade database for capturing NPL portfolio data sets. Motivation for Building an open source database based on EBA’s Standardized NPL Templates In […]

StatsNews: Aggregating Economic Open Data news

StatsNews: Aggregating Economic Open Data news StatsNews Version 1.3 of the RegNews Aggregator includes a separate stream of economic opendata news releases. Regnews is a web app developed by Open Risk to assist with keeping abreast with diverse financial regulatory news releases and publications. The app data are directly derived […]

Risk Management Internship on the Cusp of a New Financial Era

Risk Management Internship In finance, it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times It is a special moment to start a career in financial services. We are walking amid the ruins of the previous financial order. Fallen banks, broken markets, negative interest rates, shell-shocked economies and discredited theoretical […]

Open Risk is proud to be funded by the EU FIWARE FINODEX accelerator

Open Risk is proud to be funded by the FIWARE FINODEX accelerator! Finodex, the European accelerator for ICT projects based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies, has already chosen over one hundred projects via two open calls for proposal. This week the results of the second call evaluation closed in […]